Environmental Monitoring

All food & pharma handling companies and establishments should employ an environmental sampling program to monitor for spoilage microorganisms and poisoning pathogens. Such a program, if well designed will enable the detection of unacceptable microbial contamination in a timely manner.

At DALPL our Sampling programs include the collection of samples during production on a regular basis from work surfaces in a randomised manner which will reflect the differing working conditions. In addition, DALPL collects samples from these sites after sanitising and from sites which may serve as harbours of resident organisms.

Sampling should not only be conducted on contact surfaces, but the evaluation of non- contact surfaces such as conveyor belts, rollers, walls, drains and air is equally as important as there are many ways (aerosols and human intervention) in which microorganisms can migrate from non contact surfaces to food & pharma products.

DALPL helps the client establish & accomplish a robust sampling program to avoid contamination